Skill Based Solutions

Discovery Horizon

The management of risk and change is a daunting endeavor in a complex global market, especially when traditional financial, operational, and competitive information drive decisions. Companies strive to remain competitive by cutting costs, maintaining quality and being able to change quickly when necessary.

 The purpose of Discovery Horizon is to establish if Artificial Intelligence is a viable way to improve a company competitive posture, and to ascertain if a company is ready to design and implement a partial or total Artificial Intelligence architecture. Artificial Intelligence is particularly effective in improving customer engagement and accelerating business processes.

 We will work with the customer to establish viability and readiness in a workshop that will last 3 to 5 days. If the conclusion of the workshop is positive, we will propose how to design, implement and manage the project. We will also indicate which Artificial Intelligence technologies will be used.

 A final workshop will analyze the proposal and setup the project.



Expert Horizon

Expert Horizon offers a brilliant solution to the problem of automating decision and workflows. It is based on Expert System, an AI technology, to mimic human behavior.

Expert Horizon represents a fundamental difference between automation based on classic information technology and systems based on Artificial Intelligence. In our case, we focus on human behavior rather than on the machine.



Deep Horizon

The extraction of information from millions and millions of data is an impossible job for humans. The task is important because it brings to the discovery of patterns sometimes hidden that allow for vital information. Deep Horizon performs that task by using AI technologies such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning, both in the field of Neural Networks. The use of technologies like Deep Horizon permits for example to better analyze medical imaging and get better results in cancer detection, or mitigate the practice of fraud for financial companies, give to management a better understanding of market trends to improve the quality of business strategy.