Off The Shelf Programmable Solutions


The call centers industry is very competitive. Costs must go down and quality must be high. We provide an answer to these issues with our Mercury product.

MERCURY is an application added to existing Customer Relationship Management Centers without requiring modifications for most of the existing centers.

MERCURY uses Natural Language Processing and Expert Systems technology to improve quality of service and cut costs of operations.



The possibility to cut costs without jeopardizing the viability of the company is in the mind of most CEOs. Moreover, the company must be as agile as possible to react quickly to change.

MINERVA allows companies to capture and preserve the knowledge of their business process experts.

The job is accomplished by using Expert Systems, an AI technology, and our own methods to analyze and automate Business Process Management.

MINERVA mimics the behavior of the best experts in the company and optimizes the workflow, therefore minimizing errors. The Expert System makes it easier to apply changes to business processes. That is an attribute that allows a quick reaction time to adapt to changes in the competitive or regulatory landscapes.