MINERVA allows companies to capture and preserve the knowledge of their business process experts.

MINERVA is a framework to develop Expert Systems applications in Business Process Management.

The practical application of Expert Systems technology has been made possible by development platforms that avoid the use of complex programming languages. The following diagram is an example of knowledge representation.

Business Process Management - Expert System

The development platform accepts user or external input following the diagram and generates most of the end-user application without the intervention of human programmers.

MINERVA consists of several components and activities.

Business Process Management - Expert System

We use a streamlined and well-tested process in our projects.

  • Process Analysts gather information from human experts to create a knowledge base.
  • Knowledge Engineers analyze the document produced by the Process Analyst and suggests to the customer opportunities to improve the performance of the process.
  • System Analysts create the Expert System software programming a development platform.
  • In case it is needed, intelligence is added to the program by including capabilities to accommodate external or internal changes by modifying the program to obtain maximum performance.
  • The interaction between users and system is enriched by the use of Natural Language Processing that we develop with our partner Interactive Media.
  • Security is included according to customer requirements. It can go from a basic package to a complete service including “white hackers” process.

In today’s rapidly changing competitive environment, MINERVA offers an essential feature. If it is necessary to introduce a change in a process, it can be modified in a much faster and cheaper way than system management software. MINERVA is a pillar of the sought after concept of agile enterprise.

Our specialists have more than 80 years of experience in this field. We know what to look for, how to work with the client’s experts, how to evaluate computer programs, and finally how to store the information.

Our experience and our proprietary tools allow us to do the job at a fraction of the cost and time of our competition.