Mercury – Customer Care Upgrade

The main reason to adopt MERCURY is that callers demand more efficient, easy to use, and accurate response from Customer Care Center.

The introduction of language comprehension technology in telephone automation improves the customer experience because it responds to the needs/expectations of the caller on various levels:

  • Expression of the requirement using the person’s own words and at the person’s own timing
  • More control over the interaction
  • Simpler and more natural access to the service point

MERCURY is an application based on MESSENGER HORIZON, EXPERT HORIZON and a proprietary technology to manage the system. It is added to existing Customer Relationship Management Centers without requiring modifications for most of the existing centers.

MERCURY uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text To Speech (TTS) technologies to allow interaction using natural language. MERCURY is able to comprehend structured and more complex information than the ones sent through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tree. It is therefore possible to welcome the caller using an open question prompt such as: “How can I help you?”, manage the dialogue and automate company functions that would otherwise have to be managed by Call Center operators.

Some questions require the intervention of experts to be answered. The integration of our MINERVA products with MERCURY allows to capture the knowledge of experts in subject matters and make it part of the call center knowledge base.

The financial result of adopting MERCURY, measured over five years of experience in an existing center, is quite rewarding.

In summary, for a 300 operators inbound call center, the benefits are:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower operator turnover due the elimination of low satisfaction tasks
  • Higher quality of service due to the automation of complex tasks
  • Savings of more than $66 million in five years compared to an investment of about $21 million.