About us

Our Company

AbdA Systems is a New Hampshire (USA) based company founded by experts in Artificial Intelligence and Business Management. Our goal is to merge the two fields and deliver to our clients ways to improve internal processes and decision making, anticipate trends and issues, and confidently manage change.

Our Technology

We are skilled mainly in Expert Systems, Deep Learning Neural Networks and Natural Language Processes.

Our People

Our people are high-level experts in Business Process Engineering, Collaborative Organizations, Market Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, DeepLearning, Expert Systems, Communications, and Social and Mobile media.

Our Partners

AbdA Systems is a value added resellers of the Expert System development platform by Decisions Inc.

AbdA Systems and Stratega Services have an agreement to design, develop and deploy Expert Systems. The agreement includes the training of a large group of experts in South of Italy.

AbdA Systems and HD Solution have an agreement to design, develop and deploy Machine Learning based systems.


Our Vision

The management of risk and change is a daunting endeavor in a complex global market, especially when traditional financial, operational, and competitive information drive decisions. If we take into account that the content of our information is 10% numbers and 90% text, there is much more to look at before we declare ourselves duly informed.

Artificial Intelligence provides powerful tools to acquire and process information in various formats like video, text, data, etcetera. Those varieties give a better picture of the market to improve business information and make companies agile and able to respond effectively to external and internal threats.

Whereas Artificial Intelligence is better left to Academic Institutions, we recognize that the interest of researchers is in publishing their research and not in writing programs. That need has been fulfilled by new, innovative tools that we have identified and partnered with to offer practical solutions.

We bring to market only proven technologies. We take all reasonable precautions to use high viability components in our final solutions.

This website’s pages dedicated to technical information will make clear why doing so we create a win-win situation both for our customers and for us.





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